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Conference Genie PLUS

Making conference calls regularly? Enjoy
advanced features and manage meetings exactly
how you want.

Video Conferencing

Your conference room is highly secure

Security features include chairperson and participant passcodes, name announcement into the call, real-time caller display from your on-line control panel and monthly call reports emailed directly to you.

Low cost UK and international calls

Unbeaten in the UK, our calls cost just 4.3p* a minute anytime. Or use our low cost international access numbers for callers from abroad.

Low cost mobile phone and tollfree international access

Make calls using our low cost mobile phone and international toll free access numbers.

Dial in or Dial Out?

Dial Out to call participants in the UK or overseas (and save on international call costs).


We can manage calls with up to 5000 participants. With very large calls, the Conference Genie team will help you arrange everything - usually for free.


Switch features on and off as you want, such as name announcement or recording of calls.

PLUS more!

Enjoy call recording, meeting scheduling, Skype access....PLUS gives you so much more!

Our Sub Zero promise

For all UK customers dialling into Conference Genie PLUS, we promise to offset the call’s carbon footprint by 200%. Learn more about Sub Zero.

Conference Genie offers three different services: check if PLUS is right for you

* from BT landlines; mobiles and other networks may be higher. Prices are exclusive of VAT. Cost is per minute and per caller.