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Our Sub Zero promise

Carbon dioxide is one of the main causes of
global warming. By reducing or offsetting CO2
usage, we can improve our planet's health.

Video Conferencing

You're already saving time, cost and energy by avoiding off-site meetings. Use Conference Genie and make an even bigger difference.

Our Sub Zero promise is to offset the carbon footprint of all PLUS conference calls, made from a UK landline, by 200%.

Greener conference calling

Conference Genie invests in carbon offsetting projects - the process of displacing carbon in the atmosphere and therefore reducing damage to the environment. We offset the estimated carbon footprint of the conference call and the Conference Genie infrastructure used to manage the call. We have had our carbon footprint calculated by Carbon Clear Ltd and are working with them to fight climate change.

A carbon footprint is the amount of CO2 produced to accomplish a task. For example, if travelling by plane, your carbon footprint is the CO2 produced by the planes engines. The carbon footprint resulting from a conference call is the CO2 produced to supply the electricity to power that call.

Conference Genie aims to be as green as possible. For example, by only buying electricity from renewable sources.

Where the money goes

We are partnering the following projects to help us meet our Sub Zero promise: Rice Husk Cogeneration in India

The small print

Our Sub Zero promise covers conference calls made from a UK landline using the Conference Genie service organised by registered Conference Genie PLUS customers.