Conference Genie: Event Services

Our managed event service is ideal for important announcements and high profile meetings.


Need a large scale conference call? Communicating to large groups of investors, staff or groups of people has never been easier now that we offer Event Services. Combining proven audio technology with award-winning call support, our Event Services offer a customised solution that is adapted to your business needs.

Why might you need an Event Call?

Now you can ensure your larger, high-profile conference events run smoothly and professionally without costing the earth (in more ways than one!)

Our Event Services can help you to stay in-touch, reduce travel costs, minimise business downtime and reduce your carbon footprint.

Our courteous and friendly operators will assist in facilitating all aspects of your conference, both before and after the event.

  • Webinars
  • Training and development
  • Investor relations
  • Company updates
  • Human resources

With our Event Calls you get:

  • Operator assisted conferencing with a professional announcer to start the call. You provide scripted prompts and speaker introductions.
  • Event registration service.
  • Passcode conference access which records participant details (if participant details are preregistered).
  • Event Calls are fully monitored and supported by an Event Operator.
  • Multi-lingual operators.
  • Access worldwide by landline phone.
  • Operator dial-out to speakers or participants.
  • Live conference viewing.
  • Onsite support for your calls.
  • Web conferencing - fully integrated with our high-quality audio conferencing, your presentation is communicated over the phone and supported online by slides.
  • Managed Q&A session.
  • Digital conference recording.
  • Replay service via dial in.
  • Transcription services.
  • Webcast solutions.

Webcast Solutions

We also offer webcast solutions to enable you to bring your presentations to life and engage with your audience.

  • Deliver online presentations with audio, video and slides, and improve the impact of your strategic communications.
  • High-impact multimedia tool to reach large scale audiences.
  • Audio is streamed via your PC.
  • Live feedback from attendees with polling, surveys and chat features.
  • Branding options to reinforce your message.

“We recently had a series of calls with 500 participants from all over Europe, and speakers from the Cayman Islands, Spain, the UK and the USA. The reception quality was excellent, and the sound was crystal clear.”

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Conference Genie Event Calls are available to businesses in the UK and worldwide. Speak to one of our Conference Genie Event Specialists now on 0800 229 0700 or email: